Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


I want to buy the ticket, the bus and the accommodation, how do I do it?
Very easy: You just have to add the products you want to the shopping cart.
We are a ticket sales point and, in addition, we offer round-the-clock bus travel service to the event from several cities.
Add your tickets or your bus and/or accommodation tickets to the shopping cart.

Is it safe to buy at
Completely. To buy, you only need a debit/credit card and have the electronic banking service activated on it to confirm the operation, after receiving a code on your smartphone. We also have an effective customer service.
We are an authorized/official point of sale for all the events you see on our website, therefore you will always be buying official tickets.


My e-ticket says the name of the person who made the purchase but my name does not appear, is there a problem?

There is no problem; The name and ID of the person making the purchase appear on our e-tickets, but the tickets are not nominative unless otherwise indicated in the event and ticket text.


What is the Bus Seat Reservation Option?
Depending on the event, we may have the free seat reservation option activated or, on the contrary, the direct purchase of the trip seat(s).
In case we have activated the reservation of places at no cost:
Your reservation of place(s) has no prior or additional cost to the subsequent payment of the place(s) you reserve.
When the trip is confirmed (upon reaching the minimum necessary number of reservations), we will notify you so that you can proceed to make the corresponding payment.

What do I do if my departure city is not included among those we offer?

If your city is not among the offers we offer and you are a group of people large enough to be able to take out a new route, do not hesitate to contact us.


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